Hi folks, Jon here. I’m a little nervous; this is my first ever blog post. It’s okay, you don’t have to cheer so much; I’m not about to break my arm patting myself on the back, either. Mark’s been bugging me to post something, anything! So it’s my turn, and if this goes well I will probably do it again sometime.
Anyway, enough of that. Let me tell you about someone very close to me. In fact, he’s sitting on my lap right now.
Meet Sampson. A.K.A. The Black Death, Shadow Stalker, Thief in the Night, Destroyer of Rodents, Lord of the Top Shelf.

The bathroom sink is one of his favorite places to sleep; it’s like his own personal little tub. This animal really looks like a cat, but half the time he acts like a dog. He loves to be outside, and when he isn’t massacring rodents, he is equally at home wandering among the cows or chilling with the chickens. It’s a good thing the chickens are about the same size as he is, otherwise he might try to eat them more often.


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