All Natural Grass-Fed Beef

We believe in the law of the harvest, which states in part that “you reap what you sow.” Because of this, we are completely vested in the welfare of the land, knowing that if we are good to the land, the land will be good to us.

We raise our beef from birth to brisket, overseeing every step of the process. This ensures that things are done right and that no shortcuts are taken that will affect the quality of our product. We know that we have something great to offer, and we are still figuring out the best way to let people know about us. We have a long way to go and a lot to learn, but we are certain about our animals.

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If you have ever been fortunate enough to partake of food tended and harvested by your own hands, then you will have an appreciation for the work we are doing. We are blessed to participate in the miracle of life, helping good things to grow in a way that is good for the land and good for people.

Sweet Water Farm is by no means a high production operation, but the things that it does produce are grown sustainably and in harmony with the times and seasons. Since our cows are allowed to live their lives on clean, open pasture, they are significantly healthier than their feedlot counterparts. This eliminates the need for pesticides and antibiotics, leaving you with beef that is free from questionable chemicals.

Our beef is USDA inspected to ensure a quality product, and dry-aged for at least fourteen days. This process serves to further tenderize the meat, concentrate and improve the meat’s flavor, and reduce shrinkage in meat during the cooking process. Dry-aged beef will also keep longer in your freezer than conventionally processed meat.

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