Truck Projects

Last spring we were in the market for a good work truck. So we bought this 1997 Dodge 2500. She’s a beauty, isn’t she?! Well, from the outside maybe not. But looks are often deceiving! It’s what’s under the hood that counts. The main reason that we decided on this truck was the engine. It has a 12 valve Diesel made by Cummins… and only 94k miles on it. As diesel engines go, that is just starting to get broken in. If you take care of her, she’ll give you well over 500,000 miles!
A few things we noticed when we got the truck were her faults and blemishes. Her paint is peeling. There are a few dents in the passenger side. The four-wheel-drive didn’t even work. Well, you learn the most about equipment when you work on it, and we plan to learn everything there is to know about this truck. And then some.
So far, here’s what I’ve done this week: I fixed the 4×4! It was as simple as replacing this little vacuum fitting:
Our next project with this truck is a little more ambitious. We found an 8’x10′ aluminum flatbed for a price that we couldn’t refuse. Soon, we will be installing it on the truck. Later we’ll also beat the dents out, and give it a good paint job!

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