Here is what we are up to:

We do pretty much all of our own work. Sometimes our awesome friends help us.
Just in case you have ever wondered what farmers might occupy their time with, here is a list of some things we have been working on in the last 12 months.
  1. Feed Cows, Pigs, Chickens
  2. Manage Pastures
  3. Build/Repair Fence
  4. Move chicken tractor
  5. Capture stray cattle
  6. Doctoring cattle
  7. Delivering calves
  8. Clean out barn
  9. Repair farm equipment
  10. Operating heavy equipment ( Dozers, Excavators Dump Trucks etc.)
  11. Diesel engine work
  12. Metal working (welding/torching)
  13. Machine shop work (working with metals this is where you have to be precise, things are measured in thousandths of an inch)
  14. Painting equipment
  15. Structural buildings (Steel and wood frame construction)
  16. Roofing (Steel, Wood shingle, Composite)
  17. Seeding grass
  18. Cutting briars, clearing brush
  19. Gardening
  20. Keeping the orchard up
  21. Beekeeping
he list is long and varied. The depth and range of the projects is quite exciting. Farmers always have an abundance of work, but usually not enough money to pay someone else to do it. This means that the farmer has to figure it out.
Barn Upgrade: We are re-modeling the barn by installing a new feeding system that will save us time, and make the cows even happier. But really… how much happier can these bovines really become. I think we’re splitting hairs. Incremental gains… diminishing returns, yada yada… Well anyways the project involves a lot of concrete. We need to be done with the whole thing by the time the snow starts to fall in November.

Hay: Cut/Rake/ Bale. We will be putting up around 250 tons of hay between now and the end of July, (most of it by hand.)
Fencing: we have about 8,000 feet of five strand barb wire fence to build.
Giant Cow Sign: We are putting Glenoma on the map. We are building a big steel sign to go in the pasture along the highway. The design is ready, we just need to start cutting and welding. It is going to be awesome! If you are ever headed east on Hwy 12 you won’t miss it. Trust me.
Bridge: We need to put in a 40 foot bridge across a small river/large creek.
Pigs: We’ve got two beautiful gilts (young female pigs) that will be having their first litters sometime in November. These pigs are very social. They enjoy busting out of their pen at least once per day to come say hello, and to see what we are working on.
Chickens: We have 100 Heritage Red Chickens coming this Friday (July 9). We are going to raise them on the pasture. This will compliment and help the cows because 1. the chickens eat the flies that bug the cows, and 2.) they fertilize the fields with high quality natural fertilizer.


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