Quarter Beef


This is 100 pounds of meat, cut and wrapped at a USDA inspected butcher shop. A $100 deposit will reserve your beef, and the remaining balance will be due when it is ready to pick up from the butcher.

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What is included in a Quarter?

Ground Beef: 40 pounds

Slow Cook Meats 35 pounds                               Steaks 25 pounds
Rump Roast                                                              T-Bone
Sirloin Roast                                                              NY Strip
Top Round Roast                                                      Rib Steak
Tri-tip Roast                                                              Top Sirloin Steak
Pot Roasts                                                                 Skirt
Short Ribs                                                                  Flank
Stew Meat                                                                  Fillet Mignon

Soup Bones!
* Pot Roast will include cuts from the chuck and the round.

** There is only one skirt and one flank on each side of beef, so a split side will have one or the other, but not both.


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