Catch of the day

It really doesn’t look like much, but this little bit of metal was today’s “unreachable star”. The tractor has been having some trouble with the forward and reverse function for the last few days. It was usable, but really not doing that good of a job. After a little bit of research, I learned that the problem lay within a certain cable buried deep within the heart of the orange beast. I will spare you the boring details and try to keep it simple here.

Here is abridged version:
  1. Faulty cable is located in an impossibly tight location…
  2. Must tear tractor completely apart to make repair…
  3. After tractor is half torn apart… reassess situation
  4. There is a possibility that I can squeeze my hand up into a very tight area to pull the cotter pin on the cable.
  5. 2 hours, several scrapes and curses later… Success!!!
Here is how we did it.
1.) Strip Wire
2.) Separate single strand
3.) Find heavy gauge wire
4.) Splice it all together
5.) I didn’t know the key to success could be so small

Yes… that tiny little thing in my hand is what we were after. It is called a cotter pin. I had to get that out, so that I could get the cable off. Tractor is now fixed. Woohoo!!!


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