All in a day's work

Today we worked on the "Big Barn". Yes that's what we really call it. We are making it even bigger. It was cold. The tallest poles we set were 24 feet tall. It was kind of scary. These poles are heavy, probably around 300 lbs each. When you are plumbing and bracing them up anything can happen. By "anything can happen," I mean you could end up looking like a fly on the business end of a fly crushing apparatus.

Tomorrow, we will set some of the rafter beams and purlins, at least that is the plan. Who knows what will really happen. The weather forecast says we have some freezing rain coming. Climbing around like a squirrel, 20 feet off the ground in an icy downpour sounds enchanting. I wouldn’t mind snow, but I guess we’ll just have to see what is coming our way.



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